A Brush with Kindness Program

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The program covers two areas for low income home owners of elderly, handicapped and families with children. Income eligibility will be at 50% of median income in Marshall County.

Routine Home Maintenance

Yard work, minor repairs and exterior painting. Utilizing volunteer groups that would spend a day doing yard work, cleaning windows, touch up painting and minor repair items. Work is basic exterior. No skilled trades would be needed. (See application)

Critical Home Repair

Could include interior construction needs. The need should be necessary for the homeowner to be able to remain in their home. For the critical home repair program the total material cost shall not exceed $2,500. A repayment agreement will be worked out with the homeowner. This agreement will be without interest charges.

The total debt ratio for the family shall not exceed 40%. The length of the agreement shall not exceed 5 years or 60 months.

Sweat equity hours is a requirement for able bodied adult family members. The number of hours is based on the scope of the project. A minimum of 10 hours is required. The committee can exempt the sweat equity hours if the home owner is not able physically. Materials will first be obtained from the Re Store or donated. The purchase of materials will be the last avenue for materials.

The financial status will be reviewed with the family to determine income eligibility. A home visit will be made to complete an assessment of home repair needs. It is important to assess the needs to be sure it is a project that is within the abilities of the volunteer group. (See application and assessment form below)

It would be expected to serve approximately five home owners in the critical repair program. The routine home maintenance could be as many as 20 home owners. This would depend on the number of volunteer groups available.

There would not be a set date for the work to be done. It would depend on the availability of volunteer groups.

Due to cost, roof replacement will not be a part of the critical home repair program. These home owners will be referred to USDA for a grant application.

Mobile home repair will be exempt from the program due to the unique specialized type to repairs, materials and skills required.

A Brush with Kindness Application Form

We Accept All kinds of building materials

Paint / Stain

Left over paint or stain from a project? We will take it. (Unopened cans only)

Furniture and Cabinets

We will pick up your gently used furniture and cabinets.

Masonry Bricks / Pavers

We will pickup leftover supplies from your project.

Tubs, Sinks and Toilets

Don't throw away your old bathroom items. We will take them!

Lumber and Plywood

Any type of left over lumber is always in demand.

Millwork and Trim

Interior and exterior doors and trim of all kinds.


We accept working and non-working appliances.