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The Habitat for Humanity home ownership program is unique. It is based on our Core Policies:

  • Christian Ministry
  • Habitat is a Partnership
  • Our Habitat Homes
  • Homeowner Selection
  • Sweat Equity

  • Could You Become a Habitat Homeowner?

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Habitat Homeowner. Please take a few minutes to review this information and answer the qualifying questions on the application form (link below).

    If your answers to the qualifying questions are all in the outlined boxes, we invite you to return the completed form to request and Application for Homeownership.

    If you have an answer that is not in an outlined box, please read the information given in this brochure and try to remove any barriers which may be keeping you from qualifying for a Habitat Home or contact our office for more information to see if we can help.

    Apply For A Home Application Form

    We Accept All kinds of building materials

    Paint / Stain

    Left over paint or stain from a project? We will take it. (Unopened cans only)

    Furniture and Cabinets

    We will pick up your gently used furniture and cabinets.

    Masonry Bricks / Pavers

    We will pickup leftover supplies from your project.

    Tubs, Sinks and Toilets

    Don't throw away your old bathroom items. We will take them!

    Lumber and Plywood

    Any type of left over lumber is always in demand.

    Millwork and Trim

    Interior and exterior doors and trim of all kinds.


    We accept working and non-working appliances.